Devon Christopher Moore

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Devon Moore’s new works in “Shines Like Ice” confront the viewer with several dichotomies, such as the contrast between mechanical and human action, the interplay of surface quality and indiscernible depths, and the continuous shifting between mere aesthetic object and conceptual symbol.  At first glance, his quietly hovering rectangles appear quite simple, pleasing to the eye and curious in their ability to seemingly defy gravity.  Upon closer inspection, the thin sheets of steel reveal hundreds of horizontal scores that recall water lines from changing tides, or the grain of wood, or coalesce into shimmering color fields.  The work slowly and steadily reveals itself to contain multitudes of conceptual content and aesthetic pleasure, as though the discovery of this sublime intrigue is an intentional reiteration of beauty that presents itself only through the accumulation of time. -Christel Perkins, + Gallery, Denver, CO.


Teetering on the border between painting and sculpture, Moore integrates space within, behind, and around each piece, establishing the nature of painting as a spatial and experiential phenomenon.  Commenting on the complexity of the relationship between human and natural elements, Moore’s work often appears to be extensions of the inevitable natural reality of form, material, and surface.  His surfaces evolve from processes as systematic as plate tectonics or wind erosion, reflecting upon a culture of man made forms subject to parallel transformations.  Color floods the surface the way a fluid bass line migrates through an arrangement, adding rich, deep, tones unearthed as aesthetics tethered to arcane function.  Devon Moore’s work engenders an inimitable relationship between organic and mechanical processes, surface, color and space. - Chris Thompson








Grand Opening Reception June 1, 2013 at Nicole Longnecker Gallery.

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